Monday, February 23, 2009

Lusca and BGP

I've been fleshing out some very, very basic BGP support in a lusca-head branch. I'm only using the BGP information right now for logging but I'll eventually use it as part of the request and reply processing.

It *cough* mostly works. I need to figure out why there's occasional radix tree corruption (which probably means running it under valgrind to find when the radix code goes off the map..) and un-dirty some of the BGP code (ie, implement a real FSM; proper separation of the protocol handling, FSM, network and RIB code) and add in the AS path/community/attribute stuff before I commit it to LUSCA_HEAD.

It is kind of cool though having a live BGP feed in your application. :) All 280,000 odd routes of it. :)

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