Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More brain-damage code..

I queued up another test run of LUSCA_HEAD on the 600mhz celeron box and discovered that performance had dropped slightly.

It turns out that there's an increase in malloc/free calls which I traced back to the ACL code and further back to the HTTP logging code.

The HTTP request logging code is using ACLs to determine what to log. I have the access log disabled AND I'm not even -using- the log_access ACL directive to restrict what is being logged but it still is taking a trip through the ACL checklist code to create an empty check list, check it, and return NULL. This is aside from all the rest of the logging code which will create all the duplicate strings for the logging layer, then not log anything, then free them.

Sigh. The more I look at the code the more I want to stab out my own eyes. Oh well, I'll add "fix the damned logging code" to my TODO list for later.

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