Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lusca: more reorganisation

I've been doing some further Lusca re-organisation in preparation for the next round of evil changes.

The client-side code has been split up a little bit. The breakup has almost exclusively been shifting functions into separate source files to better delineate function - the only refactoring was to extract some common client-side connection creation from the HTTP and HTTPS connection paths.

My next little bit of fudgery will be to extract out some more of the storage related code into a top-level library so some further unit testing and code reuse becomes easier.

There's still far, far too much code in the client-side request and reply path. I think I've mentioned it earlier - there's very little code involved in the data pump between the server->client reply handling code; the majority of the performance issues stem from the initial request and reply processing.

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