Thursday, April 17, 2008

Development thus far

The initial release has been done. The cacheboy-0pre1 release is just a vanilla Squid-2.HEAD tree with the first part of the code reorganisation included - they should be 1:1 bug compliant.

There's a developer who has found a bug in Squid-2.HEAD relating to larger-than-requested data replies in the data pipeline. That shows up during Vary processing. It shouldn't show up in Squid-2.HEAD / Cacheboy as I committed a workaround.

The Squid-2.HEAD / Cacheboy stuff should give a ~5% CPU reduction over Squid-2.7 (dataflow changes), and a ~10% CPU reduction over Squid-2.6 (HTTP parsing changes).

Next: sorting out the rest of the code shuffling - the generic parts of the mem and cbdata routines, and then a look at the comm and disk code.

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