Sunday, April 13, 2008

Experiences with Google Code

I've imported a Squid-2.HEAD CVS repository (with complete history!) into Google Code. This -mostly- worked, although!
  • There were some Subversion gatewaying issues inside Google somewhere which made SVN transactions occasionally fail - they've rolled back these changes and things work again!
  • I'm not getting any commit messages for some reason!
  • SVNSYNC takes -far too long- : building the SVN repo from CVS took about 5 minutes. Syncing my local SVN repo to the Google Code repo? 2 days.
  • The size of my repository hangs browsers that try to run the Google Code "source browse" feature. Heh!
  • $Id$ tag version numbers have been munged into Subversion revision numbers. Argh! I wish it were obvious this was going to happen! (And because of the above times, I really can't be bothered re-building the repository just yet.)
All in all though I've been happy with the service - Google employees pipe up on the code hosting group and are generally helpful. The "wiki contents in SVN" trick is cute. The source browser was nice when it worked! And I like the simple UI for things like revision browsing.

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