Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Surviving polymix-4..

I'm putting Cacheboy-1.4 through a basic polymix-4 polygraph workload. So far so good - its just unfortunate that polygraph still uses poll() / select(). Most of the process CPU time is spent in those two system calls and not doing any useful work.

So far, so good at ~ 500 req/sec (with <10% CPU usage..) I'm going to resolve a few strange issues I'm seeing and then begin publishing some actual performance numbers over the next few weeks. I'll also start publishing some microbench numbers comparing Squid-2.6, Squid-2.7, Squid-3.0, Squid-3.1 and Cacheboy. Cacheboy will come out on top, of that I'm quite sure. :)

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