Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More issues with Lighttpd

So occasionally Lighttpd on FreeBSD-7.x+ZFS gets all upset. I -think- there's something weird going on where I hit mbuf exhaustion somehow when ZFS starts taking a long time to complete IO requests; then all socket IO fails in Lighttpd until it is restarted.

More investigation is required. Well, more statistics are needed so I can make better judgements. Well, actually, more functional backends are needed so I can take one out of production when something like this occurs, properly debug what is going on and try to fix it.

Cacheboy Update / October/November 2009


Just a few updates this time around!
  • Cacheboy was pushing around 800-1200mbit during the Firefox 3.5.4 release cycle. I started to hit issues with the backend server not keeping up with revalidating requests and so I'll have to improve the edge caching logic a little more.
  • Lusca seems quite happy serving up 300-400mbit from a single node though; which is a big plus.
  • I've found some quite horrible memory leaks in Quagga on only one of the edge nodes. I'll have to find some time to login and debug this a little more.
  • The second backend server is now offically toast. I need to acquire another 1ru server with 2 SATA slots to magically appear in downtown Manhattan, NY.