Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Commercial projects and such..

I've got a few commercial projects to finish up on Squid over the next few weeks which will be taking my time away from Cacheboy development.


  • I'm adding client-side -write- delay pools, so you can rate limit the replies sent back to clients whether they are a cache hit or miss (specifically for reverse proxies, but I'm sure forward proxies will have a use for them);

  • Buffering POST requests a bit before connecting to the back-end origin server, which matters when your back-end server pays a high price for holding a connection open with no data going over it;

  • Finally - some log reporting tools (hopefully written in Lua! :) for basic WebUI logfile reporting in a fast, sensible manner

I've got a few other possibilities which might creep up over the next couple of months but nothing yet concrete.

Client-side IPv6, HTTP/1.1 and a threaded core will have to wait until I've completed the paid work I'm afraid! OSS coders have to eat too!

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