Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cacheboy IPv6 (phase 1): More Updates!

The IPv6 code hackery is going along well. I'm just sorting out making a few loose ends .. well, slightly less loose.

I'll run polygraph PolyMix-4 over this codebase in the next few days to make sure I haven't busted anything and then I'll start preparing to merge it back into CACHEBOY_PRE.

I'm not quite sure how to conditional-compile IPv6; I'm not bothering to do it at the moment (ie, its always included.) Thats a later problem.

The IPv6 TCP proxy is still happily chugging along. FreeBSD's IPv6 stack seems still partially Giant locked but I'm still pushing ~ 350mbit through this Core 2 Duo test server.

This has been too easy. What the hell have I missed!??

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