Sunday, September 21, 2008

IPv6 ACL code, sort of!

I'm just doing a spot of testing with my new IPv6 ACL code.

Take a look at this:

(adrian) agnus:~/work/cacheboy/playpen/ipv6_acl/tools% ./squidclient mgr:config@PASSWORD | grep acl
acl all src
acl all6 src6 ::/::
acl lclnet6 src6 fe80::/fff0::
acl test1 src6 2a01:348:147:5::/ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff::
acl test1 src6 fe80::/fff0::

That there is an IPv6 "src6" ACL (well, three) with somewhat unfriendly netmask display code. I'll tidy that up later. Importantly, the IPv6 code seems to be coming along fine. I'm going to generate up some large random IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs tomorrow to make sure they load in and display out from the splay tree fine, then I'll look at writing some test cases for all of this.

The last bit of code that needs converting before -very basic- client-side IPv6 support can be enabled is to convvert the ACL checklist struct "src_addr" and "my_addr" over to sqaddr_t IPv6 types. This will probably require a whole lot of horrible code changes but luckily I can convert most of them to just be "assign that an IPv4 address thx" and everything should just work as before. Although I need to remind myself to make sure aclMatchIp() checks the _type_ of the ACL its looking up against - doing an IPv4 lookup against an IPv6 splay tree won't really work out.

(Amos / Squid-3 have a single IPv6 "type" for this, and the IPv4 addresses are merged into the IPv6 address space. The ACL types for IP src/dst/myip is then -always- an IPv6 type lookup. I decided to keep seperate IPv4/IPv6 ACL types for now to make testing and development easier. It will double up on the ACL sizes a little - holy crap, I'm doing something less efficient then Squid-3?!? - but thats a small price to pay at the moment for an easier to migrate codebase. Basically, if you compile this up and listen on an IPv6 address, but don't configure an IPv6 ACL, you won't get surprised when IPv6 requests are let through when they shouldn't..)

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