Monday, August 17, 2009

Cacheboy status update

So by and large, the pushing of bits is working quite well. I have a bunch of things to tidy up and a DNS backend to rewrite in C or C++ but that won't stop the bits from being pushed.

Unfortunately what I'm now lacking is US hosts to send traffic from. I still have more Europe and Asian connectivity than North American - and North America is absolutely where I need connectivity the most. Right now I'm only able to push 350-450 megabits of content from North America - and this puts a big, big limit on how much content I can serve overall.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you're interested in hosting a node in North America. I ideally need enough nodes to push between a gigabit and ten gigabits of traffic.

I will be able to start pushing noticable amounts of content out of regional areas once I've sorted out North America. This includes places like Australia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. I'd love to be pushing more open source bits out of those locations to keep the transit use low but I just can't do so at the moment.


  1. Adrian, Have you considered posting your request on the NANOG mailing list

  2. I've thought about it. I may do in a week or two if nothing else eventuates. I have plenty of code to hack on in the meantime.