Wednesday, December 16, 2009

.. summary from Retro Night, take #2

Gah, I deleted the wrong post. Typical me.

Three of us got together on Tuesday night to resurrect some Amiga hardware. In summary, we have working machines, one sort of working machine, and a few bad floppy drives. The prize thus far is a working Amiga 2000 with a few megabytes of RAM expansion, a not-yet-working SCSI-and-drive expansion card (ghetto indeed!), a video genlock device to overlay graphics on a PAL/NTSC signal, and a functional Amiga 1200 with extra goodies.

The aim now is to get an environment working enough to write Amiga floppy images out so we can start playing some more games. I'm hoping the Amiga 1200, when paired with a floppy drive and some form of MS-DOS readable flash device, will fit that bill reasonably nicely.

More to come next week.

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