Saturday, November 20, 2010

A productive night at the computer club ..

I spent most of Saturday at the UWA Computer Club, participating in their "Hardware Hacking Night". Whilst others were hacking on power supplies, coke machines and the like, I sat down to try and figure out how 11n TX works.

Which I did, around 11:30pm last night. I still have a long way to go. The AR9160 NIC seems quite happy pumping out packets all the way up to MCS15. I couldn't figure out how to make things work correctly using the 11n RTSCTS protection - if I configure that in the TX registers, no packets are ever sent. That's the next thing on my plate to figure out.

Once I figure that out, I'll worry about the 802.11n "niceities" (short-GI, HT-40 mode to name two) and then see about how to ensure that I'm interoperating (enough!) with legacy non-n devices. There's also hostap and adhoc modes to test.

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