Friday, February 4, 2011

Sleepless in New York..

I had every intent to actually run this as a travel diary for a few weeks, but a few things got in the way.

Well, no, I sort of fib - my normal "meh, diaries!" got in the way. So I decided to play a bit of catch-up - then I fell ill with a cold and respiratory infection which has kept me knocked out for a good week or so.

So, here I go - catchup.

The Flight Over

The flight over was mostly uneventful - except for the complete lack of sleep. Since this was a 30 hour transit from Perth to New York, this made for rather interesting experiences near the end of the trip.


.. was again, a complete and utter mess. I was sent to the wrong terminal; then after walking from terminal 2 to terminal 7 and back, I find I needed to walk across the road to the Bradley International terminal. I likely should have been much, much more prepared than I was.


Relatively smooth, for a change.

Subway to Manhattan

I sat next to a Brazilian photographer who told me of his love of asian women. He showed me a few photographs and then proceeded to photograph them secretly without their consent or awareness. I then figured out most of his photos are like that. This creeped me out somewhat.

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