Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Hacking up an Amiga 500 for 1MB chip RAM and 512k slow RAM

 In a previous post I dumped a bunch of information I had learnt about what had happened in open source Amiga hackery. I've now gone and committed the initial hacks needed to prove that it works and document how I did it.

My goals here were:

  • Build one of the memory expansion Gary adapters that are out there - I chose the PeteAU design that I've checked in here;
  • Figure out how to modify a rev6 amiga 500 board so I can put 1MB of chip RAM in the provided sockets there (with the schematic available here);
  • Make it so a normal A501 512K RAM + RTC add-on can be plugged in to provide the 512k of slow RAM.
First up, it worked. Here's how dirty it is.

The overview is pretty conceptually easy.

  • The PeteAU Gary adapter (and I'm sure others!) use the RAS1 line into Agnus and its A19/A23 address line to map RAM into Agnus' other 512k addressable RAM space. The RAM expansions are thus muxed on breaking out CASL and CASU lines whilst enabling RAS1.
  • The little break out PCB there is the 74HCT139 dual 2-to-4 demux to decode the two address line bits from the Gary adapter + CASL/CASU lines from Agnus into four CASL/CASU lines.
  • The "first" bank from the PeteAU Gary adapter is mapped in as the second half of the 512k chip RAM - and as seen in the picture above, those bent legs are CASL/CASU lines.
  • The two tracks that run from U35 out to the trapdoor expansion connector are the CASL/CASU lines to said trapdoor expansion connector. I've cut those and wired them into the second CASL/CASU pair from the 74HCT139 demux.
  • No modifications are done on the A501 expansion board.
I've basically just migrated the 74CHT139 from the PeteAU Gary+RAM expansion adapter board back onto the Amiga 500 rev6 PCB.

Here's the relevant bits from the rev6 schematic:

The second bank of 512k chip RAM is U20,U21,U22,U23. It uses RAS1 and the same CASL/CASU that the first bank of 512k chip RAM and the expansion connector.

On the rev6 PCB the CASL/CASU tracks route from U35 to both the RAM and the expansion connector. Cutting the tracks going to the expansion connector is fine; they run there and stop.

Now, finding useful documentation for what to do.

First up, figuring out how to configure the Amiga 500 rev6 PCB.

  • J2 (the Agnus A19/A23) jumper was cut so it could be wired into the Gary adapter.
  • J7 (the EXP signal from the expansion connector to Gary to say the expansion RAM is there) is left alone, so the A501 can assert it if it's there.
I have found a better summary of what to put in the Gary adapter, so here it is.

And then how I configured my Gary adapter board:

  • JP1 and JP2 set to 2-3 - ie 1M chip
  • JP3 set to 1-2 - ie 1.5M slow (decoding all of the space, even if I'm not really decoding stuff from the 74HCT139 to more slow RAM)
  • JP4 set to 1-2 (ie, "more slow", so the Gary adapter is properly doing its thing)
And finally, how it looks when it's all done:

(Yes, I was playing with the default colours in the second one, I always disliked the orange.)

If I wanted more RAM then I could easily just piggy back more 41256's on top of the ones I've added and break out the CASL/CASU lines some more, but ... (a) I don't want to, and (b) in that case I'd really just go and build a full 1.5MB slow RAM expansion and undo what I did on the PCB here.

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