Saturday, May 24, 2008

cacheboy 1.0 released

Cacheboy 1.0 has been tagged, tarballed and port'ed. Its been in production at my beta testers site for a week or so now and hasn't missed a beat.

There's a lot more work to do to Cacheboy to shape it up like I believe Squid should've been; a stable 1.0 release is the first step along this path.

I'll let this settle for a couple weeks (ie, Adrian needs to sit his mid-year exams in two weeks!) before I begin some more larger-scale code refactoring and shuffling around.

Cacheboy-1.1 changes will include MemBuf, cbdata, most of the http request/reply/header manipulation code and potentially a little of the filedescriptor, disk, event and network communication code. This stuff forms the "core" of Squid/Cacheboy. I'll then look at some basic infrastructure changes to support IPv6 clients.

Like the Cacheboy-1.0 changes, these will not be terribly difficult or intrusive (the IPv6 client-only changes will be the most intrusive by far!) but a lot of refactoring, rewriting and shuffling about of the core needs to take place before I can begin work on the necessary stuff - HTTP/1.1, SMP, modularity, performance.

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