Monday, September 21, 2009

My current wishlist

I'm going to put this on the website at some point, but I'm currently chasing a few things for Cacheboy:

  • More US nodes. I'll take anything from 50mbit to 5gbit at this point. I need more US nodes to be able to handle enough aggregate traffic to make optimising the CDN content selection methods worthwhile.
  • Some donations to cover my upcoming APNIC membership for ASN and IPv4/IPv6 space. This will run to about AUD $3500 this year and then around AUD $2500 a year after that.
  • Some 1ru/2ru server hardware in the San Francisco area
  • Another site or two willing to run a relatively low bandwidth "master" mirror site. I have one site in New York but I'd prefer to run a couple of others spread around Europe and the United States.
I'm sure more will come to mind as I build things out a little more.

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