Friday, March 13, 2009


The CDN had a bit of downtime tonight. It went like this:

  • The first mirror threw a disk;
  • For some reason, gmirror became unhappy, rather than running on the second mirror (I'm guessing the controller went unhappy; there wasn't anything logged to indicate the other disk in the mirror set was failing);
  • The second mirror started taking load;
  • For some weird reason, the second mirror hung hard without any logging to explain why.
I've replaced the disks in mirror1 and its slowly rebuilding the content. It probably won't be finished resync'ing the (new) mirror set until tomorrow. Hopefully mirror-2 will stay just as stable as it currently is.

The CDN ended up still serving content whilst the masters were down - they just couldn't download uncached content. So it wasn't a -total- loss.

This just highlights that I really do require another mirror master or two located elsewhere. :)

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