Tuesday, March 31, 2009

lusca release - rev 13894

I've just put the latest Lusca-HEAD release up for download on the downloads page. This is the version which is currently running on the busiest Cacheboy CDN nodes (> 200mbit each) with plenty of resources to spare.

The major changes from Lusca-1.0 (and Squid-2 / Squid-3, before that):

  • The memory pools code has been gutted so it now acts as a statistics-keeping wrapper around malloc() rather than trying to cache memory allocations; this is in preparation for finding and fixing the worst memory users in the codebase!
  • The addition of reference counted buffers and some support framework has appeared!
  • The server-side code has been reorganised somewhat in preparation for copy-free data flow from the server to the store (src/http.c)
  • The asynchronous disk IO code has been extracted out from the AUFS codebase and turned into its own (mostly - one external variable left..) standalone library - it should be reusable by other parts of Lusca now
  • Some more performance work across the board
  • Code reorganisation and tidying up in preparation for further IPv6 integration (which was mostly completed in another branch, but I decided it moved along too quickly and caused some stability issues I wasn't willing to keep in Lusca for now..)
  • More code has been shuffled into separate libraries (especially libhttp/ - the HTTP code library) in preparation for some widescale performance changes.
  • Plenty more headerdoc-based code documentation!
  • Support for FreeBSD-current full transparent interception and Linux TPROXY-4 based full transparent interception
The next few weeks should be interesting. I'll post a TODO list once I'm back in Australia.

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