Monday, March 30, 2009

Mozilla 3.0.8 release!

The CDN handled the load with oodles to spare. The aggregate client traffic peak was about 650mbit across 5 major boxes. The boxes themselves peaked at about 160mbit each, depending upon the time of day (ie, whether Europe or the US was active.) None of the nodes were anywhere near maximum CPU utilisation.

About 2 and a half TB of mozilla updates a day are being shuffled out.

I'd like to try pushing a couple of the nodes up to 600mbit -each- but I don't have enough CDN nodes to guarantee the bits will keep flowing if said node fails. I'll just have to be patient and wait for a few more sponsors to step up and provide some hardware and bandwidth to the project.

So far so good - the bits are flowing, I'm able to use this to benchmark Lusca development and fix performance bottlenecks before they become serious (in this environment, at least) and things are growing at about the right rate for me to not need to panic. :)

My next major goal will be to finish off the BGP library and lookup daemon; flesh out some BGP related redirection map logic; and start investigating reporting for "services" on the box. Hm, I may have to write some nagios plugins after all..

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