Thursday, March 19, 2009

More "Content Delivery" done open

Another network-savvy guy in Europe is doing something content-delivery related: .

AS250 is building a BGP anycast based platform for various 'open' content delivery and other applications. I plan on doing something similar (or maybe just partner with him, I'm not sure!) but anycast is only part of my over-all solution space.

He's put up some slides from a presentation he did earlier in the year:


  1. Simplecdn also uses anycast. The result isn't that promising.

    I have made some unscientific comparison.

  2. Well, anycast should just be part of a complete delivery strategy. It shouldn't -be- the strategy.

    I'm going to apply for some IP resources in the next month or so in order to deploy -some- Anycast resources for others to develop for and use. I'll most likely use it for DNS to begin with.